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Carlotta Capurro of Visual Dimension , participated in the eCult Winter Stage and was interviewed about her involvement in 3D ICONS.

The eCult Observatory  is a platform where technology meets cultural heritage. It allows technology providers to propose solutions and heritage institutions to showcase their implementations.

The eCultValue project with the Acropolis Museum organised a Winter Stage  that took place in Athens on 8-9 December 2014.  The theme for the day was “Kore, what is your story? Advancing cultural experience through the use of ICT”.  Participation in the eCult Winter Stage was intended to assist the eCult Ambassadors  in becoming the proactive mediators between technology providers and cultural heritage stakeholders who promote ICT adoption in museums and other similar organizations.

Carlotta Capurro presented "3D ICONS: Interactive story telling through innovative interfaces " and was then interviewed about her participation in the event.