Griphomaquia. Sculpture of the group of Cerrillo Blanco


3D model of Griphomaquia

Location: Porcuna, Jaén, Spain

Institute: University of Jaen, Andalusian Centre for Iberian Archaeology (UJA-CAAI)

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Griphomaquia is a sculpture belonging the group of Cerrillo Blanco (Porcuna, Jaén), undoubtedly the most important group of sculptures attributed to the culture of the Iberians. Dated in the 5th century BC, the sculptures reflect various aspects of an Iberian lineage grouped into different clusters: ancestors, warriors, fighting against animals, hunting scenes, etc. The Griphomaquia is part of a collection of fantastical animals which battled against Iberian hero, who unarmed, grasps the Griffin left ear and nose. At that moment, the Griffin thrusts his claw on the hero’s leg.

Height = 70 cm; Width = 84 cm; maximum thickness = 33 cm; Weight = 168 Kg

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Self-positioning laser scanning

Given the relevance of the sculptures of Cerrillo Blanco (in which Griphomaquia is included), we aimed to obtain 3D models using the most appropriate methodology in terms of time, quality and the end use of the models. To do this we started analyzing the conditions under which the sculptures were exhibited. The main problems we faced were:  

A - Lighting conditions: Transparency/Reflectance

B - Complex morphology of the object

C - Location and Accessibility:

  • Sculptures on raised platforms of a meter high and with little space around (less than 40 cm).
  • The weight, the extended visiting hours in the Museum of Jaén and the payment of insurance to move the sculptures make impossible the positional changes.  

Given the above limitations, it was decided to discard photogrammetry and to use self-positioning laser scanning as the most appropriate method.

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Z-Scann 800 Laser scanner

Modelling Software

Modelling Software

VX elements, Geomagic 10.0

Model usU

Model Use

Tourism and educational/academic and research purposes.

Processing Pipeline

Processing Pipeline

Import the scanned shots - Merge of the different shots - Fill small holes - Remove spikes - Export for conversion in PDF

Online Delivery

Online Delivery


Conversion to 3D-PDF produces a format that is easy to handle. 3D-PDF has been widely accepted as the presentation format, because it allows encapsulation and presentation of 3D models with contextual information and links that supply a range of visual angles on the models. Also, this is a software compatible with the main operating systems (Windows, Mac OS, Linux).


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Creative Commons

Creative Commons - Attribution, Non Commercial, No Derivatives.