Chrysippus Head

Chrysippus Head

Image of hipolygon model of Chrysippus Head with vertex color (92M Polygons)

Location: Templum Pacis, Rome, Italy

Institute: CNR-ITABC

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This bronze statue was in the library of Templum Pacis in Rome belonging to a group of portraits of ancient writers and philosophers. The subject of this statue is one of the most important philosophers from the ancient world (he formulated Stoicism into a definitive system). "Chrysippus of Soli (c. 279 BC – c. 206 BC) was a Greek Stoic philosopher. He was a native of Soli, Cilicia, but moved to Athens as a young man, where he became a pupil of Cleanthes in the Stoic school. When Cleanthes died, around 230 BC, Chrysippus became the third head of the school. A prolific writer, Chrysippus expanded the fundamental doctrines of Zeno of Citium, the founder of the school, which earned him the title of Second Founder of Stoicism." (cit. wikipedia).

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Image-Based - Structure from Motion (SfM)

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Canon EOS 650 with a 18-55 mm lens

Modelling Software

Modelling Software

Photoscan, Blender

Model usU

Model Use

Both tourism and academic/no profit educational channels.

Processing Pipeline

Processing Pipeline

Photos shooting and reference measures in real world - Photos selection and SfM creation of a hypoly mesh (82M polygons) - Cleaning and hole closing with Meshmixer - Re-import of the model in Photoscan - Low-Poly version of Chrysippus Head (500K polygons)  - Texture creation with Photoscan - Import in Blender 3D - Texture correction with digital painting (small artefacts in the upper part of the model and an important integration in the bottom part, hidden during the photo shooting due to preservation issues and permissions from the museum) - Colour clustering for specular maps extraction (green parts are oxided bronze) - Extraction of normal maps from HI-poly model - Shader creation combining three channels (diffuse, specular, normal)

Online Delivery

Online Delivery

X3Dom -This technology has been used in previous projects of the VHLab. DICONS/x3d-- viewer.php?doi=ChrysippusHead


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Creative Commons

Creative Commons - Attribution, Non Commercial, No Derivatives.