Chartreuse of Pavia

Chartreuse of Pavia, Italy

High resolution render of the reconstructed building

Location: Pavia, Lombardy, Italy

Institute: Politecnico di Milano (POLIMI)

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The Certosa di Pavia is one of the largest and Carthusian monasteries in Italy. The construction of the whole complex was started in 1396 and concluded in 1507. The location was strategically chosen midway between Milan and Pavia, the second city of the Duchy, where the Duke of Milan held his court. The long process for completing the buildings makes not only the building itself interesting, but also the diachronic reconstruction of the different phases of its evolution towards its final arrangement. The motivations behind the 3D digitization of this monument in the framework of the 3DICONS project are twofold:

a) although the main church inside the monastery is well known, being one of the most visited monument in Lombardy, the buildings behind the church are largely misunderstood even if full of artistic and historical evidences. This latter part has been scanned and 3D represented with a cloud of 3D points;

b) most of the history of the place is “written in the stone”, therefore reconstructing the historical evolution of the building through a set of 3D models based on actual 3D scans and historical documents, makes it easier to explain the monument genesis.

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Terrestrial Laser Scanning - Phase based. Most of the building is not easily reached; therefore we chose a 3D acquisition process capable to give metric results with no targets/signals added
on the building surfaces, taking 3D information from a certain distance.

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Faro Focus 3D

Modelling Software

Modelling Software

Leica Cyclone

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Model Use

Virtual exploration/analysis

Processing Pipeline

Processing Pipeline

Standard pointcloud processing

Online Delivery

Online Delivery

The model is too heavy for on-line delivery; therefore access in the form for requested DVD will be used.


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