Capital of the Abbey Notre Dame de la Sauve Majeure

Abbey Notre Dame

Close up photograph of the Capital of the Abbey Notre Dame de la Sauve Majeure

Location: La Sauve, Bordeaux, France

Institute: Archeotransfert

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The Capital of la Sauve Majeure Abbey is a representation of Daniel between two lions. The Grande-Sauve Abbey or Sauve-Majeure Abbey is a former Benedictine monastery near the present village of La Sauve in the department of the Gironde, in a region once heavily forested.

Although now in ruins, the remains of the abbey are still of great interest in terms of Romanesque architecture, especially because of the many sculpted capitals still surviving. In 1998 the abbey ruins were included as part of the UNESCO world heritage site of the pilgrimage route to St. James of Compostela.

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Image-Based - Traditional Photogrammetry. Easy to implement in the location.

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Nikon D800E

Modelling Software

Modelling Software

Synaps and Geomagic

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Model Use

Promotion of cultural heritage.

Processing Pipeline

Processing Pipeline

Mulitple photographies, post processing of the images, cleaning of the 3D model.

Online Delivery

Online Delivery

WebGL - Cross-browser and cross-platform compatibility. Tight integration with HTML content, including layered compositing, interaction with other HTML elements, and use of the standard HTML event handling mechanisms Hardware-accelerated 3D graphics for the browser environment A scripting environment that makes it easy to prototype 3D graphics.


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